Tuesday, May 5, 2015


GREAT SMALL WORKS presents a Memorial Day Spaghetti Dinner
Monday, May 25th at Teatro SEA in lower Manhattan.

Join us with

GREAT SMALL WORKS presents new scenes in their developing work, Muntergang and Other Cheerful Downfalls, based on the life and work of Zuni Maud and Yosl Cutler and their 1930s Yiddish-language company, Modicut Puppet Theater.
Created and performed by John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin, Jenny Romaine and Roberto Rossi.
Written by Jenny Romaine
Music performed by Hannah Temple and Jessica Lurie
Guest performer Sam Wilson
Thanks to YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Dr. Edward Portnoy and the Jim Henson Foundation.

The Vagabond Puppeteers: Puppetry and Politics in 1939, a film by anthropologist and Rhode Island School of Design professor Winnie Lambrecht.
         The film shows political puppet theater performed one summer among dairy farmers in upstate New York by Pete Seeger, Jerry Oberwager, Mary Wallace and Harriet Holtzman, all in their early 20’s at the time.

Port Quincy’s Semi-Upright Puppet Co.
         New cantastoria for our time by Jason Hicks and friends.

Music by Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky (singing), Yonah Adelman (guitar & singing) and Maggie Schreiner (drums).
         We are a punk band that plays Yiddish anarchist and bundist songs (and some other Yiddish radical tunes) - the soundtrack to strikes, uprisings, assassinations, and revolutionary movements from Odessa and Vilna to New York and Galveston to Buenos Aires and Havana.  We sing these songs because they're bad-ass, because we believe in them and in the movements that made them possible, because we are part of those movements.

Monday, May 25, 7:30 PM
Teatro SEA, at El Clemente
107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY
Info:  718-840-2823
Tickets:  $15 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Great Small Works gratefully acknowledges support for Spaghetti Dinners from: NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, NY State Council on the Arts, the Doctorow Foundation, the Scherman Foundation, and the Puppet Slam Network.  Thank you!

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