Monday, September 27, 2010


The Sukkos Mob has been hitting the streets of greater New York City, disrupting the capitalist landscape, flipping the script on who is “normal,” expanding the notion of who gets to talk to who, making it possible for the streets to belong to us.

Update on Sukkos Mob schedule for this week:
9/27 Show at Sarah Lawrence college cancelled due to rain
9/29 9pm Sarah Lawrence College, Andrews Lawn
9/30 noon Columbus Circle/Central Park (look for us just inside the park)

If it is raining enough to damage cardboard the Mob will perform noonish in the lobby of the
Manhattan JCC
334 Amsterdam Avenue
1, 2 and 3 go to 72nd street
a/c to 59th and change to 1 train
HOTLINE 917.727.0662

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


sukkos mob2

returns to the streets and sukkahs of New York City with their latest production

“Don’t Let the Sheep Get in Your Eyes!”
an intimate science fiction story knit together with authentic sheeps' wool and music.

You’ll smell the MOB before you see them!
You’ll hear them before you bump into them. How great!

This year’s production features:

-- New compositions by Jessica Lurie
-- Mind expanding sound beds by Wollesonic Labs
-- Spectacle design by Alessandra Nichols, Jennifer Harris, Abigail Miller, and Gaby Cryan, Celia Hart Caro
-- Yiddish translation by Itzik Gottesman
-- Choreography by Abigail Levine
-- Directed by Jenny Romaine

The amazing cast and band includes:
Alicia Gerstein, Joe Dobkin, Gaby Cryan, Daniel Lang-Levitsky, Shane Baker, David Mandelbaum, Amy E. Alterman, JR Hankins, Avi-Fox Rosen, Tina Richerson, Jessica Lurie, Kenny Wolleson, Abigail Miller, BUGZ, Rabbi Alissa Wise (not performing), Sarah Bendix, and Jenny Romaine.

The Sukkos Mob will play exclusively during the holiday of Sukkos from September 23 to September 30.

This year's show is an homage to film maker Alex Rivera.
The Sukkos Mob is a Jenny Romaine/Great Small works production sponsored by Tablet Magazine, The Sonya Staff Foundation
and Grilli Earth Walls.

Schedule of performance times and locations:

Sept 23 SUNY PURCHASE sukkah - 7ish
Sept 24 Union Square Square - 9:30
Sept 25 Dumbo Arts Festival - 7:30 as a prelude to GSW Spaghetti Dinner in front of 10 Jay Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn
Sept 26 3 shows!
12 noon in Prospect Park in the Nethermead near the music pagoda
Enter the Park through the Willink Entrance at Empire Boulevard and Ocean Avenue, and follow the Blue Trail directional signs.
4 PM Flushing Meadows Park in front of the Queens Museum of Art, near the Unisphere.
7:30 PM Bronx Sukkah 3338 Bainbridge Ave (for Bronx directions 917.930.0295)
Sept 27 Sarah Lawrence College sukkah 7ish
Sept 29 open looking for nyc club
Sept 30 noon, tba Manhattan

Call Hotline for Rain/ Location Updates (917) 727-0662.

Friday, September 17, 2010



Come to an Open House at Great Small Works' new studio:
45 Main Street, Suite 301-303, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Sunday, September 26, 2010, from noon to 5 PM
Come lift a glass with us and check out the new space--
We are still looking for partners to share it with us!!



Saturday, September 25, 2010
during the DUMBO Arts Festival
tickets: $15 (no one turned away)
info: 917-319-8104

we begin with a PROCESSION through the streets of DUMBO!
starting at 7 PM in front of 45 Main Street

The spoon will be delivered! Illumination! Color! Music!
Featuring Brooklyn’s all-volunteer luminary-studded
Greatest Smallest Street Band!

Procession ends in front of 10 Jay Street, at 7:30 PM
Intimate street performance by the SUKKOS MOB
in their latest sci-fi harvest vehicle, Don’t Let the Sheep Get in Your Eyes.

In the year 2010 the Sukkos Mob was too panicked to feel joy. They did not know how to protect themselves. The earth was bleeding. They knew their strategy of non-engagement was not a strategy. So, once again, as they had so many times before, the Yiddish Mob left their homes and set out wandering in the desert of the human spirit for 40 years. They left home to find home again, to find an enhanced idea of the human spirit, to find solutions to take care of each other and the planet…
Stay tuned for the full Sukkos Mob show schedule which will be posted on GSW's web site blog and on Tablet Magazine's Facebook page. The Sukkos Mob is a Jenny Romaine/Great Small Works production sponsored by Tablet Magazine and Grilli Earth Walls.

AND THEN, indoors at

ONE ARM RED, 10 Jay Street on the 9th floor,

followed by PERFORMANCES:

David McDonough and Adda Birnir of PAPER TIGER TELEVISION will present images and video from the Gulf, which is part of a new Paper Tiger Television production focusing on the BP Oil Spill. In the DIY spirit of Paper Tiger Television, the piece focuses on how individual, private citizens employed whatever tools they had at their disposal to respond to the BP Oil Spill.

The latest installment of the news-based serial
“Toy Theater of Terror As Usual, Episode 12: Desert and Ocean”
A response to the Gulf oil spill, drone warfare in Afghanistan, and immigrantophobia.

Emma Alabaster – bass, Emily McCabe – cello, Laura Vuksinich – drums,
Cassandra Burrows - alto sax, and Erin Bell - tenor horn.
They really, especially like it when people have a good time at a show. Their musical brains are coming from some of the branches of American folk music, mostly jazz and the occasional nod to southern hymns and ballads. They also like experimenting. Frankly, they poke around in puddles of dissonance. But, sometimes they just care that their music sounds beautiful. At the end of the show, if you've squinted your eyes to better see if they are making those notes on purpose, thought about dancing even a little bit, and laughed with your teeth showing, they would feel like they've done a good weird deed for the day.

Motley Holler of How Do You Do

Tanya Solomon, Rebecca Heinegg and Billy Schultz bring their clown, ballet and eccentric dance backgrounds together to form this evening’s work. Individually they have performed on variety stages the western world over and are happy to come together for this evening. The piece was ensemble generated and directed by Billy Schultz.
Performed with The Curious Shape of Hens.

The Motley Holler of How Do You Do is a motive agent used to increase the volume and diversify the texture of spectacles such as weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies, walks through the park, poker games and North American shopping holidays.

Special guest vocalist XAVIER will sing songs of uncertainty.

His vocal skills have received uncoerced praise from the some of the music industry’s best including TV on the Radio, Mary J. Blige, The Rapture, Pete Tong, D’Angelo, Ashford & Simpson and Lena Horne, as well as a Diesel U Music Award nomination. He’s hollered on records with Scissor Sister Del Marquis, Basement Jaxx vocalists Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector, Stephin Merritt, and LL Cool J. UK-based music magazine NME calls his music “glorious” and Billboard magazine contends he’s “pure magic.” His recent collaboration with the late Arthur Russell’s bandmates and vocalist Nomi Ruiz is set to be released this fall.