Monday, May 19, 2014

Great Small Works at the Hemispheric Encuentro, Montreal June 21-28

Great Small Works will be conducting a workshop as part of the Hemispheric Encuentro happening at Concordia University in Montreal at the end of June.  We are looking for people who would like to participate in our June 27th procession.  Here's the info.  If you are in Montreal, please join us!

The Hemispheric EncUentro is coming to town
June 20-27(Montreal)
Want to join in some
radical beautiful processional theater
to celebrate?


HELLO!  Great Small Works, a visual theater collective (with branches in New York City, Montreal and Cambridge), calling:
GSW:  Can we join forces at the 2014 Encuentro in Montreal? 
YOU (Marvelous Montreal):  What is this all about?
GSW:  Great Small Works and Alejandro Benítez from Facto Teatro in Mexico City will be hosting a processional theater workshop daily from 9-11 am at the Encuentro June 22-27.  We are thrilled to be part of the amazing brain trust gathering for this convocation.  
Marvelous Montreal:  Where do we fit in?
GSW:  The processional theater workshop will build towards a spectacular performance in public space with the accompaniment of a brass band. In 5 sessions -- we’ll learn about parade history, politics and aesthetics, read through a performance script and amend it with your stories, add translations, choose performance locations, learn songs, work with puppets, make scenic elements, dress up, and rehearse in a calm ecstatic fashion. On day 6 (June 27) we will perform our show in public space with accompaniment by Montreal’s Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble and friends.
We are dearly hoping to collaborate in interesting ways.

The “Hemispheric Casserole” 
is centered on a giant scroll map of the American continent.


 We want to reflect on the popular anti-austerity push-backs we are seeing in NYC, Mexico and Montreal. The narrative of the piece was adapted from a story by I.L. Peretz, called
The Transmigration of a Melody.   

In our retelling of the story, the audience is led through a hemispheric transmigration of a melody, the melody in our case being the music of the “casserole,” the public sonic performance of banging on pots and pans.  Learn an Uruguayan murga by Araca La Cana, remix Quebec favorite Libérez-nous des libéraux and more. 

Workshop Dates: Sunday-Thursday, JUNE 22-27, from 9AM to 11AM
Location: Concordia University, Grey Nuns building (GN-M101), street address 1185 St. Mathieu
Performance Date: 27 June.  Morning rehearsal/setup.  Performance 4-6PM, beginning at Hotel Gouverneur, ending at Square Viger
Contact/Questions: Trudi Cohen,, for Great Small Works

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