Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 30th Spaghetti Dinner

55 Washington Square South, New York, NY

Suggested Donation:  $5-20 (pay what you can)
Info:  917-319-8104

Great Small Works and friends welcome in the New Year with
Music! Words! Puppets! Light! Glitter! Pasta, and maybe a little champagne!



Sandy! Sandy! Sandy! (episode 2)


An oral history-based soap opera performed by NYC water creatures dealing with the aftermath of the mega storm, with Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky, Alma Sheppard-Matsuo, Hannah Temple, Turtle Garaufis, Meredith Holch, Sarah Blust, Eleonore Weill, Lee Frisari, Stephen Kaplin. Directed by Jenny Romaine.

Plate Tiptonics

The big-band inspiration of Tiptons Sax Quartet members Tina Richerson and Jessica Lurie, a collaboration with a stellar roster of NYC musicians, performing Tiptons' tunes as well as originals penned by ensemble members, covering genres from micro-Big Band to Gospel, Bluegrass to Balkan, Whimsical Jazz to Nocturnal Funk.

With: Tina Richerson, Jessica Lurie, Matt Darriau, Katie Down, Art Baron, 
Pam Fleming, Stefan Zeniuk, Ben Syverson, Sarah Ferholt, Rebecca Buxton and more! You can dance, you can listen, you can sing along! 

Members of the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow bring you a few queer cabaret acts with a femme-inist edge, including videographer/puppeteer Adelaide Winsome, theatre performer Heather Acs, and multimedia artist Damien Luxe. www.facebook.com/heelsonwheelsroadshow
Amour Obscur is a Brooklyn-based gypsy punk band that offers a theatrical performance that draws from the striking visual aesthetics of the Weimar cabaret and American sideshow. Mixing unique instrumentation—vocals, accordion, upright bass, trombone, mandolin, tenor banjo and percussion—and original composition that draws upon such eclectic influences as traditional Romani music, Kurt Weill, Americana, and klezmer…to contemporary dance music—Amour Obscur creates a sound that reflects the experience of the underground for artists, hobos, neo-gypsies and revelers everywhere.
With:  Dee Dee Vega (Vocals), Matt Dallow (Accordion), Yoni Benshlomo (Upright Bass), Fabio Colombo (Drums, Percussion), Sebastian Isler (Trombone), Jeff Paris (Trumpet)

Some words from Debbie Yorizzo, cab driver and aspiring poet.


A brief talk by Mark Sussman about Toy Theater.

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