Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toy Theater Festival a Huge Success! Still needs help.

Great Small Works' Ninth International Toy Theater Festival is now ended, and words of praise and thanks are coming in from around the globe. But--time is running out for us to meet our Kickstarter goal. Please make a contribution now and help us fight back the forces of Being-in-the Red! Go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1256400278/great-small-works-9th-international-toy-theater-fe-0

We thank you!

Here are some unsolicited comments from our friends:

"Just wanted to congratulate on the fantastic breadth and scope of the 2010 Toy Theater Festival so far and the whimsical variety, ingenuity and glorious playfulness of the Temporary Toy Theater Museum. .. I know I speak for many in sharing with you our gratitude for the conscientiousness, coordination and thoughtfulness that is evident in the design, direction and presentation of this outstanding theatrical event."
----Carol Sterling, Brooklyn Arts Council

"I can't thank you enough for your valor, expertise and patience with the students and me throughout the experience. You should certainly consider this one of your resounding successes."
----Robert Tomlin, Queens High School for Arts and Business

"The festival had such a positive and affirming air. .. I am perpetually struggling to reconcile my belief in the importance of art with a sense of extreme urgency about the myriad social and ecological crises we face... Thank you for all of your immense work to continue the Toy Theater Festival, for bringing so many people together, celebrating the small and the intimate, portable, home-made and historic..."
----Valeska Populoh, Puppeteer

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